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We help Financial Advisors, RIAs and Wealth Management professionals create and implement meaningful marketing campaigns that generate prime referrals from targeted, niche websites and social networks both in the U.S. and Canada.

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Situs Judi Qq Poker Online Android

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How To Start A Blog

My name is Arlie Wall and I am a web developer based in Los Angeles, California. Some of my associates who are aware of my qualifications have convinced me that there are many aspiring writers who could benefit from a little advice. Having learned the hard way myself, I will say that I wish there had been a website just like this when I got started.

Read on. By the end of this page, you will have a good working knowledge of how to set up an effective blog with all kinds of benefits, including some monetary ones. Ready to start the free step-by-step tutorial? Click here to go to step 1.


Why WordPress?

In days of old, starting a blog website was expensive and time consuming. Then came WordPress in 2003. Originally established primarily as a way to set up a blog, It has evolved into a complete website builder. It was then and remains today an open-source (yes, free) platform available to anyone.

WordPress currently has over 60 million websites, and is the tool of choice for over 23% of the top 10 million sites on the Web. Websites such as Yahoo, eBay, Sony, Samsung, The New York Times, and Mozilla all use WordPress!

The beauty of WordPress is that as a content management system (CMS) you can easily go into the admin (or guts) and make changes to the number of pages and content. You can add images; install plugins and widgets (fun website builder toys); and much more. If you like, you can upgrade from the free templates and for a few bucks, create something unique that you can modify anytime.

WordPress also comes with free search engine optimization (SEO) tools and you will get immediate notifications of any impending security intrusions. if you ever need help, you can just come here for the answers.

Reasons for Starting a Blog

Blogging originally began as a means for people to write about personal events in their lives and things that were on their minds. While this remains a popular reason for maintaining a blog, the entire field has grown in sophistication and become more mature over time. Today, besides essentially writing diary entries, people blog in order to:

  • Drive customers to their businesses: Many companies start blogs related to their products so that they can attract buyers who browse to their sites. There’s no need to directly promote specific services or goods within your posts; as long as you keep your content fresh and interesting, you’ll find people clicking to your e-commerce storefront as a matter of course.
  • Establish themselves as authorities: Anyone looking for recognition as an expert will discover that a blog is a fine way of achieving this goal. Frequently updated posts, including opinion pieces, will serve to increase the respect readers have for you. By interacting through comments, guest blogging and comparing notes with other bloggers, you can get to know the influencers in your field and network effectively with them.
  • Generate income: Even if you don’t offer anything for sale, you can still derive a stream of income from your blog. Affiliate relationships and advertising both have a role to play, and you have great flexibility when balancing between these two forms of monetization.

Avoid Mistakes With My Help

There’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel when starting your own blog. I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I’ll put my knowledge and experience at your disposal. This will allow you to get off on the right foot and spare yourself the aggravation of making simple errors and then having to backtrack later on to correct them.

Some of the topics that I’ll inform you about are:

  1. Choosing a Hosting Provider: Your choice of web host will have a continuing impact on the reliability and loading speed of your new blog. Through my exclusive deal with InMotion Hosting, you can get set up with one of the best internet hosts around, and you’ll even get a substantial discount off the regular sticker price. (For more info read our InMotion Hosting Review)
  2. Installing and Customizing WordPress: Because it’s one of the most popular blogging platforms around, WordPress has grown from its humble beginnings and now contains a wealth of features and settings. I’ll show you how to set up the software for the best possible results depending on the character and purpose of your blog.
  3. Promoting and Enhancing Your Blog’s Success: There are any number of ways of making your web pages more accessible to potential viewers and to search engines like Google. While there are dedicated firms that specialize in these areas, engaging one of them may be too expensive if you’re just starting out. I’ll give you a few easy tips that you can implement on your own at no cost to yourself.

What About Blogger or Tumblr?

Although these and other clones claim to offer “free” websites with zero upfront costs, in the long run, they could be your most expensive options. Much of the value of a successful website is in the ownership of the domain name. Mine is It is developing into a rather valuable property. For that, I pay $10 per year; a very good investment.

Had I started out on Blogger for instance, my domain would have been: Not only is it more complicated, but I would also have no rights of ownership, since it would only be a subdomain of Blogger. Whatever happens to them happens to me.

Beyond that, Blogger can control your content. If they decide for some reason your copy does not match their criteria, they can shut down your website immediately. You are far better off obtaining your own unique domain – free with InMotion Hosting and building it into a property you own and can later sell, if you like.


What to Know About the Cash-Back Shopping Site

In a world of cyber scams and phishing schemes, any website that offers free money may be met with great skepticism.

So, when you see an article about a site that promises massive cash back on all online purchases, travel arrangements and entertainment, you may be tempted to delete it.

Not so fast! Some websites, often called cash-back shopping sites, like are the real deal.


Get Rewarded for Shopping is all about earning money through cash back savings. It returns to its members a percentage of what they spend on qualifying purchases.

Mike Evans of Colorado has been a member of since 2015.

“Saving money is awesome,” says Evans, a self-described deal hunter. “I love getting cash back on all my online purchases, travel arrangements and entertainment, many times up to 30% or more. You can’t get better than that. Awesome!”

Using, Evans signed up with to click through to over 15,000 merchants’ websites. He has earned over $1000 in cash back by shopping online and referring friends to get a sign-up bonus.

How the process works is straightforward.

Users sign up for a free membership and get their own personal shopping portal. Rather than going directly to a retailer’s website, a member first log in to their DubLi shopping portal, click on a link that would take them to that retailer’s site, and then complete their online shopping as usual.

After DubLi verifies their transaction, the earnings get approved. That is based on the dollar amount of their purchase and the retailer’s cash-back offer at that time.

With over 15,000 retailers on the site, the percentage of earnings varies by retailers. Cash-back of 30% or more is not uncommon. This is in addition to all the “stackable deals” available. These include retailers’ special deals, website specials, daily discounts, etc. Also, in addition to its free membership, DubLi also offers a paid $99 annual membership which entitles the member to an additional 6% cash back on top of the massive free cash back and stackable deals. This amounts to triple savings.

How It Is Done

For example, take a site with an offer for 7% free cash back. The member clicks through to a retailer’s site complete the purchase. On a $500 TV, the member would get back $35 ($500.00 x .07) in free cash back. If the member has also purchased the optional 6% VIP membership, he/she will also receive an additional $30 cash back ($500 x .06), for a total of $65.00 in cash back. This is in addition to any stackable deals the retailer may be offering.

Actually receiving the cash back can take some time, typically 30 – 45 days, or perhaps even longer. The time it takes depends upon the retailer’s return policy timeframe. Once the return period has ended, the retailer forwards the cash back to DubLi, which, in turn, provides it to the member.

So where does the cash come from? Cash-back websites develop relationships with retailers and get paid to refer customers. The sites then share a portion of their referral revenue with their members who shop.

There is no limit on how much any person can earn. Members typically use the money to pay off bills, create a rainy day funds, save for a vacation, etc.

What is a high yield stock?

First of all if you can invest 250 dollars per month then I will show you a way to make your money work for you. You can be assured that the your money will make money from day one because this a system of dividends. how to invest in dividend stocks with little money? Well the whole internet is filled with information on what is a dividend? What is high dividend etc. but there is no one telling you how to invest in dividend stocks. How to protect your money from crash? how to invest in dividend stocks with little money? How to regularly receive income from first month of investment? How to make money make money? Let your money work for you because this simple guide will give you quick start.

Most of all key to invest successfully with little money is to invest regularly. Repeating the instruction one more time because you have register it. Regular small investments go long way than investing big amounts at one time. In order to invest and receive your dividends, plan on investing at regularly; every 2 weeks or 4 weeks will be your choice and most noteworthy your money situation. Minimum investment to start as of March 2017 is 250 dollars per investment.

I struggled for 20 years to come up with a strategy to invest in high dividend paying stocks. Finally I found the one that is actually working. As a result of long research, I created a Mutual fund of funds that could provide safety, Income and simple way to invest costing very little in investment fees.

Step 1: Understand the basics on investing in stocks

  1. Dividend is paid for owing a stock or ETF
  2. Stock is listed for one company hence investment in one stock is risky even though it pays dividend
  3. Dividend paying ETF is a safe choice because it invests in many stocks that pay dividend
  4. You can not trust single ETF or single stock because you will never exactly know what is happening inside the company or ETF
  5. You have to be cautious all the time because your investment could significantly lose value under bear(falling) market conditions
  6. There is not much logic for rising or falling of stock price. It will purely depend upon current market condition
  7. Stock/ETF price will change everyday. It is always volatile and you may not be able to understand why it is changing everyday. It does change and that is the reality
  8. If you regularly buy every 2 weeks or 4 weeks you will have opportunity to buy lower or you may buy at higher price.
  9. Dividends will be taxed based on your holding period
  10. Your money is always yours so you can sell the holding anytime and get your current market value that will be different than what you paid for.

Step 2: How to invest in dividend stocks with Power of averaging

  1. Stock price and Stock dividends are different things
  2. When you buy you pay the price of stocks. Dividends are paid at company decided rate so your purchase price does not impact dividend.
  3. Let’s say you begin your purchasing cycle with 250 dollars each 4 weeks then you will buy stocks at different price each 4 weeks. For example purchase price 10, 11, 9, 8, 7, 9 , 10 etc.

Following Table illustrates the investment of 250 dollars at regular periods

  1. If you carefully study this table you might think that you invested 1750 dollars over a period of 7 months but account value is on 1757. So you total gain is only 7 dollars. Here is the key to this investment, you have already received dividend dollars of 63.58 dollars. So you have actually made 63.58 + 7 = 70 dollars on your investment
  2. Do you see the magic in this investment? Your money is working from day one. There is many occasions where you bought less shares for higher price and there are many occasions where you bought more shares at lower price as shown in 5th month.
  3. If you continue this process for few years eventually you will start making so much money that you don’t have to fund your account from your pocket, the dividend generated will be enough to pay the next month’s installments

Step 3: Understand and Manage Risk

  1. No single stock to ETF is ever safe. No matter what the world tells you about. You should not trust the stock market because it can over extend in any direction it wants. We confuse stock market with values, earnings etc but in real life market is demand and supply. I have a complete book written on this demand supply dynamics available for sale on world’s most popular and trusted Amazon Six Pack Financial Yoga
  2. Prices will go up and down all the time
  3. To Manage risk
    1. Investing at regular intervals will be great idea.
    2. Invest in ETF that pay high dividends
    3. Invest in many ETF that pay high dividends

Step 4: Understand and Manage Risk

  1. No single stock to ETF is ever safe. No matter what the world tells you any single investment is not enough safety
  2. In uptrending market everything goes up and keeps going up. It does not stop going up.
  3. In downtrending market everything goes down and keeps going down. It does not stop going down.
  4. Trends last long term that is why it’s called trend
  5. Trends do change over a period of time. It goes from up to downtrend and from down to uptrend. There will be few months where the trend will be flat called sideways. But be assured market will keep moving. That’s the nature of market.

Step 5: Pick the Best and Invest in all of them with MOTIF

  1. MOTIF is collection of 30 stocks that you can buy for just 250 dollars with minimum investment. So your 250 dollars will purchase all 30 stocks with equal amount divided in all 30 stocks. Imagine what that does to you. It distributes your risk among all these ETFs. These pre-selected ETFs are further investing in many individual stocks. So your each dollar is diversified into multiple investments making it crash proof for you.
  2. You have ability to pick top dividend paying ETF and invest in all of them at the same time.
  3. You need account created in website
  4. If you are newbie on how to invest in dividend stocks?
    Follow the steps below to create your new investment account


Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair

Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair has become a well-known battle of virgin hair. And now you may be wondering which one is best for your hair texture or style?

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For today’s Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair virgin hair battle, AshleeNycole Exclusives demonstrates the difference between the 2 different origins of hair, as well as different grades of hair.

So in this Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair battle, the exact virgin hair you see here is Brazilian 7A Virgin Hair VS Indian 10A Virgin Hair.

Which one do you fee is best for you?

Let us know how you feel about Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair in the comments below.


Find a Restaurant near Me

The Basics of Best Restaurants near me you will be able to benefit from starting in the right place.

Italian cuisine is believed to be among the best on earth. Food is a primary among many thai and Italians. Chinese cuisine may be the healthiest food if it’s selected with some care. Dealing with different sorts of foods, learning diverse cuisines, discovering culinary specialties will enhance your knowledge of cuisine(you wont know you dont like it unless you try).


Why go to a restaurant nearest you

The best thing about going to a restaurant they usually offer you delicious cuisine, how they should taste, unlike if you make it at home and dont get it quite right, you wont know. persian restaurant near me contribute to the loveliest of atmospheres to enjoy a great meal.
If somebody is waving you to come in a restaurant, don’t eat there, the best restaurants near you will always be busy, there is a reason for that ;).
With such a wide variety of pakistani restaurant near me out there, the majority of them have to specialise in their own little dishes. Keeping that in mind, this is how they can get that extra little pull.


Why you shouldn’t eat restaurant food all the time

You have to be careful eating out a lot though restaurant foods tend to have quite a few calories especially when you add condiments. . Saying that ,it’s possible for you to acquire great food at restaurants . The best food on the planet is what you fancy!

Why you shouldn’t wash-up

You can make an amazing meal yourself at home. With a couple ingredients from your kitchen and a quick google for a recipe, you can create a great meal in about thirty minutes. But, you have to clean up following your meal , not at a restaurant, they will deal with it.
Whether it’s a romantic dinner with of your partner or an enjoyable family dinner, you are certain to love the indian restaurant near me.

Gluten free restaurants

If you’re one of them… There are lots of gluten free alternatives. Today, you’re spoilt with choices. More and increasing numbers of people are going gluten free.

If you are on a low carb diet

Low Carb foods, potatoes supply a lot higher degree of satiety than a croissant, no gluten no starch… No garlic bread , the pasta is going to have really hard time selling itself, but there are alternative being thought of everyday,If you prefer gluten free bread.
The form of pasta is an additional consideration. Most people today think cooking pasta is actually simple. It’s not. Eating freshly made pasta at a restaurant will surprise you.

What Does Best Restaurants near Me Mean?

Just by coming to this site you can find a restaurant nearest you when you’re ready to eat. So remember us and pop us in your favorites. Try it and you won’t be let down.

Restaurants nearest me

Is simple directory of locally submitted restaurants by the owners around the UK. They have uploaded all their own content menus food styles and images using our free forms.
If you are a restaurant owner looking for some free advertising then jump on-board as it is free at the moment. We will introduce a paid ranking system at a later date, there will be some grandfather rights for early adopters.


For anyone visiting restaurants nearest me for the first time simply type in what style of food you are looking for, then your location and hit search. The smart search will the find all the submitted restaurants nearest you that fit your description. If no results are displayed then that’s because there have not been any submitted.

Alternatively you can click on the food categories listed further down the page if you are unsure of what you fancy eating. If your favorite restaurant is not display maybe drop us a line and we can see about getting it submitted.

We would also love if you could spend the time on giving a review for any good restaurants nearby your location as it will help other visitors decide, it works both ways.

Advertise for free

Our aim is to provide a free advertising platform for restaurants now open and somewhere diners can make reviews / 5 star, we will make a small amount of money hopefully form ads being clicked and possible from creating a paid ranking system for advertisers but at this point in time we are just providing a free service. Enjoy!