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St. Louis Short Sales

Believe it or not, since 2007, foreclosure has claimed around 10 million homes, and unfortunately, that number is climbing every single day.

As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, American Realty Group’s mission is to ensure that you or anyone you care about does not add to that mortifying, yet realistic statistic.

The true unfortunate fact is that so many homeowners played by the rules – by the book – and never even entertained the fact that they might one day face foreclosure – add to that a tough economy, and it turns into a real crisis for many average Americans around the country.

Did you know that nearly a quarter of homeowners owe more on their home than what the current market value is? On top of that mind-blowing statistic is the fact that literally millions of homeowners are unemployed and falling even more behind their mortgage commitments.

Sound familiar? Rest assured you are not alone and there are certainly ways out of this.

If you feel that you are headed toward that dark road known as foreclosure, or if you are avoiding facing that fact, the sooner you reach out for help, the better your options.

As a CDPE agent in St. Louis Short Sales, MO, every day I help distressed homeowners to work through every aspect of the denial and discouragement that accompanies a mortgage which is no longer manageable, and in the process, to move toward financial solvency.

If you or someone you care about is ready to tip the scales back toward brighter times and fiscal solvency, and if you live in or around the St. Louis, MO area, contact American Realty Group today and let’s get this started.


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Fastest Way to Find a Job – Tip 13 — Internships / Volunteering

Internships are fantastic. There are more paid internships than ever before, but even unpaid internships can be extremely valuable to you—if you can snag one at a company within your career area. It’s important to be strategic when evaluating both internship and volunteer opportunities. Done right, they are valuable for your career.


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G-spot Orgasm to help to Squirt

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This week I discovered a great book
Sex: Woman First
I warmly recommend this book. It is a well written book on the topic of sex and pleasure, with an emphasis on the woman body, and how to work on getting more comfortable with exploring the body for the erogenous zones. This is a topic that still is a taboo in many homes, although it is a key ingredient in a happy relationship.
I learn so much about my body reading that book
I learn how to let go relax and have the best Orgasm ever.
If you are a Man, this book will teach you how to never miss her G-spot, make her squirt or have a female ejaculation and soak the bed every time you have sex.
I did not know anything about squirting, then my boyfriend start to massage my G-spot and I squirt I soaked the bed that night.
For you man, it will teach you the perfect oral Sex technique, believe me she will be delighted you do that right.
She will always wonder how you learn about “analingus” her biggest secret pleasure. It is a best kept secret the author of that book teach how to give a great oral anal.
Believe me women love it, but we will talk about that another time.
She will wonder how you discover the ultimate sexual power of her A spot or U spot.
You will learn about the two vibrators that you absolutely drive her insane and how to use them.
The author teaches and explain to put one vibrator Hitachi on the clitoris and inside of the vagina, on the G-spot. Oh My God this was an incredible experience.
This is an educational video to help women and men to reach a better sex live with their partner

Learn To Wholesale Real Estate – Setting Up Business Rules

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