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ID Badges

ID Badges

ID badges are a form of personal identification gadget. It contains the person’s name, age, photo, address, contact number. Usually identity badges are produced in standard size, which is called as Identity Card (ID). It has originated from England when King Henry used a form of passport or an identity document. After the introduction of photography, portrait size photo are found to be attached to the ID badges. This photo affixed ID cards are more reliable than the general ID card.

Most of the companies and government offices insist their employees to possess ID cards as they mark a proof of identification. ID cards are helpful to find whether any unknown person or criminal has entered their premises. So ID cards can be used as a tool for security purposes. ID card usage is made compulsory after the enforcement of law in many countries. The standard size and shape for ID cards are issued by ISO in the year 1985 (IEC 7810).

How to custom ID card? If you thought to design an ID card then you should follow certain rules. Designing an ID card is very easy if you stick to the format given by ISO. There are four formats of ID cards, which have different dimension (size). They are used for various purposes. Identity card with a dimension of 85.6 millimetres with 53.98 millimetres is said to be included in the ID 1 format. This ID 1 format is followed worldwide as this is used to print most of the banking as well as ID cards.

If you want to custom ID card with any logo then you can include that logo in your ID card without disturbing the personal information as well as photo in the ID card. A logo is represented as a symbol or a sign, which can be inserted in the ID card to represent the company name or their motto. This logo can be used as a way of spreading message about the company or as a tool of advertising.

How to custom ID card for security purposes? It is simple, if you include biometric data such as fingerprint or scanned signature in your ID card then the criminals can never do any fraudulence. Include a complex pattern or design in the ID card so that it cannot be duplicated by anyone.

Select these patterns from cameo or from watermark. Use a lamination for your ID cards so that it will not be tampered. Alternatively, you may use a holographic lamination, which will be unique in its optical design. Include specific barcode or any encrypted information in the ID card to make it difficult to duplicate. These are some of the features, which may be used to custom ID cards.


ID Badge Requirement for Medical Professionals

More and more states require health care professionals to wear identification badges while at work. Recently Maryland started to require medical staff to wear tags effective October 1st 2013. State administration usually provides substantial amount of time for the facilities to prepare for the new regulation. In the case of Maryland the legislation was signed by the Governor Martin O’Malley on May 16th giving over 4 months before the law went into force.

Maryland State Senate Bill number 512 is based on the the American Medical Association (AMA) legislation model. Rules following this particular pattern have been applied in 15 other states with no issues.

Medicine doctors and other caregiving staff needs to visibly identify themselves with name and credentials. First and last name needs to be in font large enough to read it at a glance; same applies to the type of license such as Registered Nurse, MD, Doctor of Physical Therapy etc.

There are number of exceptions from the requirement. While freestanding ambulatory care facilities, physician’s offices and urgent care facilities need to follow the regulations solo practitioners are exempted. There is also an exception due to sterile environment conditions such as operating room where invasive procedures are performed. Another item on the exemption list is made for the professionals performing in dangerous conditions such as crime scenes, criminal justice facilities as well as any other conditions under which the staff personal safety might be in jeopardy. Exception allows not wearing and identification card or wearing one with the first name only.

Name tags are proved to increase comfort level of the patient population. Although the medical practitioner are required to introduce themselves doctor’s office visit might be stressful experience which makes the patient forget the name and feel uncomfortable calling the doctor. It’s even more important when it comes to larger facilities such as hospitals or diagnostics units where a patient needs to see a number of people and has limited ability to memorize the names and titles.

Another factor that makes the law makers enforce wearing the IDs is that it improves integrity and responsibility levels. There is no more this blond guy or that nurse in blue scrub since everyone could be easily called by name and title without looking into the facility directory. This also helps the practitioners themselves, especially in larger facilities or when someone new has been hired. When you’re seeing dozens of people every day as a doctor and you’re expected to remember their names it doesn’t hurt if the people you work with are labeled.

Wearing Health Monitors?

There has been quite a bit of hope for smartphones and smart watches when it comes to health monitoring. Many dream of an app that would monitor your body needs for nutritions, rest, activity and potential problems. Wouldn’t it be great? You get up in the morning check your smartphone and it says that you should eat oatmeal with some carrots and have a cup of green tea for your body optimal metabolism. Even better the application have discovered a potential problem and attached id badges for immediate intervention so that you could defeat cancer before it even got to the phase of being dangerous. We could be living much happier, longer and more productive life with such optimizations. How far are we from that?

Seems like pretty far. Over centuries we have managed to get an idea of certain functions of our bodies without cut opening organs. For example a tool as simple as stethoscope was invented as late as early nineteenth century in France. For some reason nobody before that was able to appreciate listening to the sounds coming from our organisms. One simple tool allowed for great progress in diagnosing respiratory, circulatory and digestive conditions. X-ray and ultrasound imaging have been equally if not more ground breaking technologies in medical imaging and moved diagnostic part of medicine into a different age.

Still when it comes back to dreams of integrating any electronics into a human body we didn’t get far. Part of it is definitely our immune system which does great job protecting us from external danger but since we can’t drive it we can’t expect any physical electronic interface attached to human tissue to be treated any differently than a hostile bacteria tribe. Transplantology suffers from this issue from its beginnings and the progress is rather modest at best. Suppressing the system altogether has been the main focus of this process, very far from perfect but still life saving for those in need of transplants. Any electronic part in the body that is not an absolute surviving requirement would need a selective solution such as immune responses exclusion list. Let’s face it, we’re galaxies away from that stage of knowledge not to mention implementation.

Quite a bit of effort has been made on the brain side to expand it capacity by adding some of computer functionality to it in terms of processing power or memory. Science fiction offers countless scenarios how could human brain benefit from integration with simple computer functions. Here however the immune system looks like just a minor obstacle in the big picture. The big gap is the logical interface. Truth is out knowledge level of how brain works is even lower than the immune system since the nervous system is extremely complicated not only in terms of anatomy but even more in terms of function. What we know pretty much comes from accidents or horrible torture experiments when a person loses part of the brain and from the fact that certain function is gone we assume it must be responsible for it. This is more reverse engineering in attempt to attach custom id badges for for which part does what rather than getting a functional diagram on how it works.

Both medicine and technology experiences breakthroughs yet in terms of a mobile device application to show us a lot of our current condition I wouldn’t bet any money for it to appear any time soon. There are a lot of more important and more profitable goals ahead of it.

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