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Rent a home on one of Charleston’s Beaches

Charleston Beach rentals can be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Between work and other obligations, life can get stressful. It’s time to treat yourself to a little getaway. Whether you live in South Carolina or not, Charleston Beach has a lot to offer – and there are rentals to provide you with more amenities than the standard hotel room.

There are some absolutely gorgeous beaches to explore while in the area. Each has their own characteristics to make them desirable. Lounging on the beach and taking in the sun and sand can be just what you need to forget about the world.

Folly Beach is fondly known as “Edge of America” by the locals and has been known to have some incredible sunrises and sunsets. The beaches look as if they could go on forever and there is always something to do. The town is rich with history and has a lot of great restaurants to try some of the local cuisine. The events calendar is also stocked with plenty of things throughout the year, including live music, festivals, and even fireworks. Folly Beach rentals can be explored so you can take the whole family and be within steps of the sandy beaches.

The Isle of Palms is another gorgeous area that you won’t want to miss out on. When you want to enjoy the surf and sand, this area is highly popular. There are many swimming areas for beach goers and it’s easy to plan a picnic on the beach for a day. This barrier island is a hot spot for vacationing and when you’re not into resting on the beach, there are plenty of fishing and golfing opportunities as well.

Sullivan’s Island is yet another area to explore when you want to be in the Charleston SC area. This barrier island is all about the relaxed lifestyle and it has history that dates back to the 1800s. You can enjoy some rest and relaxation throughout your time on the island and with no hotels on the island, the only type of accommodations you have is that of Sullivans Island rentals where you can stay for a few days or even a few weeks.

 Kiawah island is probably the #1 one destination for pampering yourself in the Charleston area. It becomes quite obvious once you pass through the gate why the island is considered a sanctuary. Kiawah beach rentals is easily the only way to go when you want the best!

Ultimately, you have to look at just how you want to enjoy the beach – and we have some incredible Charleston Beach rentals for you to explore. You can be on the mainland or on one of the barrier islands. Each beach you choose has something incredible to offer and can provide you with the opportunity to have an incredible getaway. Whether you are looking to get away with a significant other, the family, or a group of friends, there are rentals for you. This allows you to have all the amenities of home, only a much more breathtaking view. Sand between your toes can be something to look forward to once you choose one of the rentals! It’s just the getaway you need and when you return home, you will feel refreshed thanks to what the beaches and the surrounding areas have to offer.


What’s that bass (“All about that bass” cover)

It’s a cover I did with my daughter on All About That Bass mixed with What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes. My little girl is expecting to become famous