Automatic Cat Feeder



  • Put your Pets on a Diet… Automatically!
  • Lock Out or Allow Selected Pets
  • Welcome pets by Name!
  • Keep them out of each other food
  • Alerts you if any pet is underfeeding
  • Work with up to 8 pets. (Up to 18 inches tall)


World’s most advanced Automatic Cat Feeder! Solves even the most difficult feeding problems. Includes 2 Wireless Tags and AC Adapter. Will also operate from batteries.
Pets eat other’s food allowance:
Recognizes Pets by Name and separately controls how much they eat (up to 8 pets).

How much should you feed each pet?
Measures and sets their allowance automatically.

Dominant pets always get the Lion’s share:
All pets guaranteed their fair share.

The Dog eats the Cat’s Food:
Smart Access Control allows you to select which pets to allow or lock out.

What if only certain pets are overweight?
Adjust AutoDiet allows you to put selected pets on individual diets.

What if you must feed special Rx food to a specific pet?
Allows you to control access to different feeding stations.

Some Pets Gorge their allowance all at once.
Meters out small up to 24 small portions throughout the day.

With multiple pets how do you know if a pet is underfeeding?
Alerts you whenever a pet eats less than 65% of its allowance (frequently an early warning sign of illness).

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