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Car Audio/Electronic Dealer


We offer high quality products in car Stereo and audio, such as; Amplifiers, Woofers, Speakers, Power Capacitors, Empty Woofer Boxes, Loaded Woofer Boxes, sub woofers, tweeters, Receivers (head units), Complete Bass Packages, Car TV/Video, GPS, Neon/LED, Radar Detectors, Alarms & Security, Car Stereo Accessories, crossovers, component speakers, equalizers, instllation kit, marine audio, midranges, navigation, batteries, sound deadenig, remote start up, head set video, wiring harness, wiring kits, back up camera and so much more.

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Dresswe Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you want to buy the best quality mother dresses with fashion designs, please visit:, the dresses at Dresswe are all with low price and show you’re charming at all occasions. Don’t hesitate, just go to look for your best dresses on the big day!

Children’s Book Publishing Service

Publishing an illustrated children’s book is now very affordable, fast and easy.

In the past, you have to print a minimum quantity of print 1,000 books in color but now with advances in digital printing technology, authors can produce as low as 20 copies for sale or to give away.

At we make children’s books publishing easy and economical. We offer an “all-in-one” service where you can get both your illustration and publishing requirements taken care of.  With our economical publishing packages, you can now realise your dream of becoming a children’s book author! Feel the pride and satisfaction of holding your book for the very first time! It’s something every author’s dreamed of. The time has come. Get Published Now! Pubished Your Children’s Books Today!

We have 20 years of experience in book publishing, so we will take care of the book cover design and inside pages formatting to produce a high-quality book and make your publishing process a smooth and productive one. At we offer a complete package of services from start to finish, including finding the right illustrator, layout, design and preparing your project for printing.

Children’s Picture Book Package:  S$299 

This package includes:

  • Book cover design (cover image(s) to be provided by client)
  • Scanning of illustrations drawn from hard copies
  • Placement of digital artwork
  • Book layout
  • Printing of 20 copies of a full color book with the following specifications:
  • Book size : 22 cm x 22cm,
  • 20 pages in full color printed on 128 gsm paper,
  • Full color paperback cover,
  • Staple binding or perfect binding
  • You earn 100% profits
  • You own 100% copyright
  • Delivery to a Singapore address, additional S$20.00 applies

Amazon Print Publishing And Global Sales Package:  S$499


 This package is for authors worldwide and it includes:

  • One-meeting with client
  • Choose your preferred book size and number of pages for your book
  • Copy editing of text up to 500 words
  • Free consulting for finding illustrators
  • Book cover design and inside layout (image(s) supplied by author)
  • Creation of proof copy of book in PDF format
  • Creation of Createspace account,
  • Free ISBN number (Optional)
  • Uploading of PDF files and online proof-checking
  • Transfer of Createspace account to author upon project completion
  • Global distribution by outlets provided by Createspace
  • Available for online order through
  • No hidden fees
  • You earn 100% profits
  • You own 100% copyright
  • Online training on Createspace account management and ordering process
  • Online training on affiliate marketing and book marketing on the internet

Publishing your children’s book with us is very easy.

You’ll simply submit your story and illustrations to us and we’ll do the rest. 

Our Published Books!

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Billig forbrukslån uten sikkerhet

Ønsker du et billig forbrukslån?

Det er mange lånetilbydere og banker i Norge, og alle har ulik rente. Derfor er det viktig å velge rett bank, den banken eller lånetilbyderen som har lavest rente. Det kan du nemlig spare mye penger på. Hvorfor betale for mye for et lån?

Men hvordan skaffer man seg det billigste forbrukslånet? _Forbrukslån er lån uten sikkerhet eller lån uten pant. Ddt gjør at rentene er høyere enn lån med pant, som boliglån.


Men om du söker om lån i masse banker og sammenligner lånerentene vil du spare penger. Men de færreste har tid til å funne ut hvilke banker som har gode lånetilbud og fylle ut lånesøknader i alle sammen.

Det er der kommer inn. Man bare fyller ut ett enkelt søknadsskjema og de gjør hele jobben for deg. Enkelt og greit.

Gå inn på for å søke om et billig forbrukslån uten sikkerhet.

Cleaning Your Rugs Can Improve Your Health

People around the world are suffering from sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or asthma because of dirt stuck in the rug. The rug cleaning market is full of great appliances; however, these appliances are not for professionally cleaning your rigs. These appliances are just for day to day use, to make your rug look clean. Only a professional rug cleaning provider can help you eliminate the dust as well as the dirt from your rugs. You should clean your rugs once every year. If you are suffering from any kind of breathing disorders, then this should be done twice every year. Let’s talk about health benefits of rug cleaning.

  • When you hire a professional oriental rug cleaning service, you can be confident about the complete cleaning, as we will efficiently eliminate all contaminants from the rug such as clearing dust particle, insects, and other harmful chemicals which cannot be removed through vacuuming. All these things can harm the health of your family and these pollutants also attract medical conditions. That is why it is really important to consider the deep cleaning method instead of surface cleaning. Deep cleaning can only be done by a team of professionals who are experienced and totally equipped by advance tools. We know which techniques are appropriate for eliminating a specific contamination from oriental rugs or any type of rug. Therefore, a professionally cleaned rug can never cause any side effects to you and your family.
  • A lot of people think that there is a connection between rug cleaning and the weather, which is completely a myth. They are only a few aspects; appearance as well as the longevity of the rugs, hygiene issues, health risks, and contaminations. However, all of these factors are directly associated with health ricks and issues. If you clean your rug regularly, then there are less chances of loosing the appearance, but professional, clean up will ensure the longevity and improve the health as well. We have power tools which we use while cleaning rugs to remove the filthy gross as well as the hidden viruses. Mold removal is also a part of our service. We will clean your rugs so that you can enjoy your life in a sybaritic way.

Bottom Line

We only use certified products to clean the rugs, which means there will be no harm to your rugs. Professional rug cleaning will bring you health and happiness. So, Cleaning Your Rugs Can Improve Your Health because rug cleaning removes trapped contaminants as well as the harm toxins, clean out dust mite problems, and protect the rugs against mold growth.

2015 Genel Secimler – Milletvekili Adayları

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