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Frederick M. Lawrence is a Senior Research Scholar in Law

Frederick M. Lawrence is a Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School. Lawrence is a leading expert on civil rights, free expression, and bias crimes. He was president of Brandeis University from 2011 to 2015, dean and Robert Kramer Research Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School from 2005–2010, and was a professor of law at Boston University School of Law from 1988–2005. In legal practice, he was Of Counsel for Dwyer & Collora, LLP, from 2002 to 2005 and Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Civil Rights Unit for the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York in the 1980s. He is the author of Punishing Hate: Bias Crimes Under American Law, has lectured internationally, and has testified before Congress in support of federal bias crimes legislation. Lawrence holds degrees from Williams College and Yale Law School.

Leesa Shapiro- Stupendous name in the Real Estate Field


When we talk about the real estate lawyers in New York City, the first phenomenal name that comes to our mind is “Leesa Shapiro”. She is the lady who allocated her life to serving the people in giving the best legal advice. It is through her unique personality that most people recommend her for making any residential or commercial investment. Once you appoint her as your legal agent, you will feel relaxed as she always maintains her word of commitment towards success. The clients will be informed and well guided about the status of their case .If you have a dream of purchasing a property, then you must avail the service of the most popular attorney of New York “Leesa Shapiro”. She is having the ability to convert her client’s dreams into reality with the help of her dedicated, determination and hardworking skills. – Freu dich drauf!

Genieße das Leben mit der Urlaubsbox von Invent Europe.


Brooklyn, New York, November 8, 2015– Agrei Consulting, a trusted full service provider of technology consulting and managed services, proudly announces an expanded focus on providing complete IT services for small businesses.  Small business owners now have access to the same IT talent and services used by large corporations at a fraction of the cost.  Among other services, Agrei Consulting is available to assist small businesses in implementing cloud-based email solutions using Microsoft’s Office 365 services.

 “While our history and experience has been in large enterprise working on large hosted email implementation projects for companies with hundreds of thousands of employees,” said Agrei Consulting’s Founder and CEO Israel Heskiel, “we are now bringing that extensive corporate expertise we have developed over the last nine years to the small business market, providing affordable implementation, migration, implementation and management of hosted cloud-based email services using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.”


Most small businesses do not have time to focus on their critical IT needs.  Despite the fact that having the right systems in place fuels growth and enables future success, small business owners are stretched too thin to make the time to get their small business technology systems and infrastructure in order.  Agrei Consulting partners with small businesses to help them focus on the core elements needed for a solid IT foundation.  Once the foundation is established, companies can easily grow and expand their IT as their business grows.  Agrei Consulting’s initial offerings to small businesses include: professional hosted email solutions using Microsoft Office 365, website and ecommerce site development and management, 24×7 computer help desk support and managed services, VOIP phone implementations and virtual CTO or outsourced CIO to help strategize on all IT related decision.

As a special introductory offer to small businesses, Agrei Consulting is offering a 30 Day FREE trial to Microsoft Office 365 along with four hours of FREE Office 365 consulting to any company who agrees to sign up for Office 365 and make Agrei Consulting their partner of record.

Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to leverage the power of the cloud with access to the latest business tools.  Its enterprise-grade security and powerful privacy features are designed to safeguard every business’ corporate and customer data.  Using cloud-based software provides companies with the flexibility to do business anywhere, communicate in new ways, and build long-term relationships with customers.

Agrei Consulting’s technology experts have earned a reputation for providing efficient and cost effective solutions for their clients.  For any Microsoft Office 365 migration, the company understands that every migration is different and needs to be adjusted to match the needs of the organization.  Agrei offers a range of affordable migration plans designed to meet the majority of its client’s needs.  Every plan is fine tuned to meet the company’s precise requirements before implementation begins.

Tailor-made technology solutions from Microsoft Office 365 and Agrei Consulting give clients improved efficiency, better technology ROI, and allow companies to stop worrying about IT and focus on what matters most – the core of their business.  Small businesses interested in learning more about the special introductory offer and other service offerings from Agrei Consulting, should register on their website to receive further information.


About Agrei Consulting

Agrei Consulting is a technology consulting and IT managed services provider located in New York City that provides smart, sensible and cost-effective technology solutions for small business and enterprise clients.  Agrei Consulting’s unique ‘business first’ approach to technology consulting helps organizations focus on their core business, achieve their corporate goals, and improve productivity and efficiency with the assistance of technology.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Israel Heskiel at (718) 210-9750 or email at

Web hosting in UK

You want to create a new website and need good web hosting service for this? There are lots of superb web hosting companies to choose from, and making the right choice may be quite difficult. We can safely say that better server uptimes, ergonomic control panels, fast databases, up-to-date operating systems, systematic backups and excellent support also make our everyday business of creating vibrant websites a lot easier.


Our top recommendation, Hosting Co., provides all necessary services for hosting your website safely. If you’re looking for quality services, safe and secure datacenters, reliable equipment, friendly support staff and high quality customer service, you will definitely love Hosting Co. Modern Solid State Drives make their server systems extremely fast! They offer wide range of web hosting plans from individuals through to small/medium businesses. Read more on Hosting Co. servers.


Disk space and bandwidth

These two are not the most important factors to look for in web hosting. The size of an average business website frame created by us is 2.45 Mb (including all program scripts and design files). Every 100 pages of plain text takes about 0.8 Mb, and each picture gallery which consists of 30–35 pictures takes 3.5 Mb. If you sum up the numbers, you will see that the size of your website is about 3–30 Mb. Your website will probably never exceed 100–200 Mb.


Larger websites may seem better in some aspects, but, when choosing the web hosting provider, there are far more important factors to consider.



Our clients often ask us what is the cheapest web hosting service available. Instead of looking at the prices when selecting a domain and server provider, we suggest our clients to start by comparing the actual services they provide, finding out what kind of support is available, checking the server locations, making sure whether the UK domain is included to the whole package etc.


Not choosing a UK web host carefully enough may cause you a lot of headache: slow web response, excessive downtime, annoyingly unprofessional support and many other problems, which you can avoid by just making an aware choice from the very beginning.


We have experiences with all UK web hosting providers listed on this page and they have proved to be good. Thanks to the international orientation and the volume of the servers their prices are quite of the same range.


Domain is integrated into hosting package

When you order your server from any of the UK web hosting providers listed on this page, they will offer you the registration and maintenance of the domain with no extra fee. More important than the fee itself is the fact that the integrated registration and renewal process makes your life much easier. Instead of renewing two things and making two separate payments (for the server and domain), you can make just one and have less things to worry about.


Location of servers

Historically, the web hosting providers abroad were priced much lower than in the UK. However, we do not consider it to be a good idea to host your website in a server that is located in other countries, if your intended audience is mainly here. Those companies that have servers located in the UK provide faster connection (the difference may be as big as 10–15 milliseconds). Secondly, the localized service is important as well. All web hosting companies listed on this page have web hosting servers in the Britain, you can pay for the services in pounds and receive the closest client support by UK staff.


Responding time of host’s network

Script’s execution speed depends on how fast and powerful servers there are available. Another quite important parameter is the network’s speed measured in milliseconds. Literally, it means the length and the speed of the cable connected to the hosting provider’s servers. Most UK website hosts publish the technical data of servers and internet connection parameters on their website. The good thing is that you are able to check internet connection speed also by yourself by clicking “Start” => “Run” => type in “command” =>, and then type “ping”. Any number below 100 ms is good, the faster is always the better (because websites appear on visitors’ browsers quicker). Sometimes a hosting company has servers in multiple locations – in addition to Great Britain, in Germany or even in the USA.


E-mails and domain registration

It is possible to make life much easier with choosing website hosting provider in UK, which provides UK domain registration service within one package. It means, that you need to worry less about updating, configuring and making sure, that domain works well – all this is provided to you by web hosting company. Make sure, that creating new e-mail addresses in format is possible in hosting management panel. This is really basic service, but there are still host providers, who doesn’t have decent e-mail accounts manager in their management panel.


Website visitors statistics

We recomend to choose good hosting web provider in the UK, which has standard website visitors statistics available in web hosting manager panel. There are many similar internet visitors statistics solutions, which work equally well, like AWStats, Webalizer, CrawlTrack. To be able properly track the visitors in your internet page, be sure that there is at least one of those programs available by website host provider in their web hosting server.


Service hours, helpdesk availability
It would be wise to make sure what kind of customer service a particular UK web hosting provider offers; are the communication channels like e-mail, instant messaging or phone, provided by particular web hosting company, suitable for you. Usually the web hosting technical maintenance of domains and servers is provided 24/7 by the UK internet companies, but hosting web customer helpdesk may not be open all day round. Also take a look at best web hosting guidance materials and FAQ pages, and make sure whether there are enough good website hosting manuals available and whether they are easy to understand.


What is web hosting?

To choose the best web hosting for your website, you may also take a look at the definition in “What is web hosting“. It will help you to understand what is important when choosing top host provider, but also to get the idea of what kind of web hosting suits your needs the best.


Which UK web hosting is the best?

Many of our clients have been asking us which UK web hosting is the best. Our first suggestion is to analyse your needs regarding web hosting – how much server space, bandwidth, domains, databases and e-mails do you actually need –, and only then decide which web hosting providers meet your web hosting needs. So, instead of asking “Which UK web hosting is the best” you should ask “Which UK web hosting meets your real web hosting needs”. To make the choosing between different web hosting providers much easier, see more details on the article “Different Types of Web Hosting Services” in order to find out which parameters are the most important when choosing the best web hosting for your website.


Please take into consideration that the top UK web hosting providers listed on this page are independent web hosting companies, and they have their own web hosting terms and conditions as well as privacy policies. We suggest these companies only because they have been providing excellent services and their technical systems as well as support are on best level we have seen so far.