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Learning to Invest in Denver Real Estate

Learning to Invest in Denver Real Estate


adventure book Vic Challenger FAST

Trailer for adventure book – Queen of Adventure Pulp, Vic Challenger goes to Australia and finds more cryptids and bad guys.and has to be FAST because it’s easy to get dead when you’re slow!





Camp Compass


Encore Console Style Wooden Turntable Stereo with CD, Cassette & Radio

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5-in-1 Home Stereo Nostalgic Music System

Revisit the past and marvel at the beauty and warmth of this retro chic music system. Capable of playing any format from your vast collections of years past and digital files of today, this multi-functional tabletop design boasts two built-in full-range speakers.

3-Speed Turntable and Dust Cover

Allows playback of all your favorite LPs, regardless of the speed.

CD Player

20-track programmable player lets you decide desired sequence or random play

Dual Cassette Record & Play

Record onto cassette from turntable, CD, cassette, radio, or auxiliary source to preserve the best of your personal music collection

Auxiliary Input

Plug and play an MP3 player or iPodĀ® device (not included) to front input for another option to access your digital music files.

AM/FM Stereo Digital Radio Tuner

Scan and lock into your favorite radio stations with reliable clarity

Exclusive P1 Video Magnet Software

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P1 Video Magnet is a software that:
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We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams

Dr. Nguyen studied Biological Anthropology at the University of California at Los Angeles. After receiving his Bachelor of Science from UCLA, Dr. Nguyen spent two years doing research in the field of Oral Biology at UCLA School of Dentistry. Afterwards Dr Nguyen entered dental school at UCLA where in 2001 he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr Nguyen has over 15 years of experience in all phases of dentistry including root canals, extractions, implants, and cosmetic dentistry.


FCPX Colorist

The FCPX Colorist brings professional color grading tools to Final Cut Pro X users. Now, editors can adjust curves, hue, saturation and color levels like never before without ever having to open another color grading software. With intuitive pop-up windows and custom preset loaders, The FCPX Colorist can help Final Cut Pro X users create endless color grade looks.


Modular Color Grading Tools

Each FCPX Colorist Tool installs into Final Cut Pro X as a separate filter in the Final Cut Pro X Effects library. This modular set-up allows users to stack, combine and re-arrange multiple filters on their footage to achieve endless looks.

Custom Curves

FCPX Colorist introduces curve color correcting to Final Cut Pro X. The Custom Curves Tool allows users to adjust the tone and color of their image along the Red, Blue and Green color channels. Curves can be used to color balance an image, create high-dynamic looks, control light clipping or adjust contrast.

Primary and Balance Colors

The Primary and Balance Color tools allows users to adjust the color of their image based on exposure. The Primary Tool controls the Lift, Gamma and Gain; while the Balance Tool adjusts the Shadows, Mid-tones and Highlights.


The Hue-Hue Tool allows Final Cut Pro X users to isolate a specific color range in their image and adjust the hue of it. From skin tones to eye colors, users can use this tool to correct and grade a specific range of the color spectrum in their image.


The Hue-Saturation tool allows Colorist users to increase or decrease the saturation for a specific color range. This tool can be used to create stylized looks like the Sin City effect, in which everything is black and white except for reds.

Create Custom Presets

Users never have to worry about re-creating the perfect look from scratch. Once a user has one of the Tools looking the way they want it, they can export the settings as a custom preset file, which can later be loaded on to other clips.