Encore Console Style Wooden Turntable Stereo with CD, Cassette & Radio

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5-in-1 Home Stereo Nostalgic Music System

Revisit the past and marvel at the beauty and warmth of this retro chic music system. Capable of playing any format from your vast collections of years past and digital files of today, this multi-functional tabletop design boasts two built-in full-range speakers.

3-Speed Turntable and Dust Cover

Allows playback of all your favorite LPs, regardless of the speed.

CD Player

20-track programmable player lets you decide desired sequence or random play

Dual Cassette Record & Play

Record onto cassette from turntable, CD, cassette, radio, or auxiliary source to preserve the best of your personal music collection

Auxiliary Input

Plug and play an MP3 player or iPod® device (not included) to front input for another option to access your digital music files.

AM/FM Stereo Digital Radio Tuner

Scan and lock into your favorite radio stations with reliable clarity


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