Benefits of hula hooping

10 Health Benefits of Hula Hoop Exercise

There are a lot of different ways to get fit, and some of them are absolutely fun. When people think about fitness, weight loss, and exercise, they often times envision the wrong thing. Sure, there are gyms, boring options and much more to explore, but those things don’t always prove best. Health benefits come with movement, and there’s things that you can work within that point towards fun more than anything else. Even though most gurus of exercise won’t tell you this, you can have loads of fun and lose weight, and get fit. For instance, did you know that you can hula hoop for exercise? Seriously. In fact, there are 10 health benefits that can come through with this fun activity.


Calorie Burning

There are several calorie burning exercises that you can get involved with today. However, amidst the top burning solutions, you’ll find that hula hoop is one of them. Alongside jumping rope, this can do amazing things if you focus on calorie burning alone. The reason why this happens is because you’re moving a great deal muscles to sustain the centrifugal force to get the hoop around properly.

Cardiovascular Health

One of the toughest issues that people face is in relation to cardiovascular health. It’s something difficult to manage, and can be a silent killer. Heart attack, hypertension, and much more can set in if you don’t take care of your cardio health. Hula hooping helps you get your blood moving, and lets your muscles warm up, alongside the calorie burning power that comes with this.

It Promotes Heart Health

Together with overall cardio health, you’ll find that this form of fitness helps you with heart health. It helps reduce cholesterol levels, gives you better circulation, and promotes a heart healthy lifestyle. Tie this together with diet, and you will have the KO punch that many experts talk about today. If you have been looking for a way to get healthy, without having to spend hours in the gym, test this methodology out.

Fitness Anywhere

Health benefits come with fitness, but you can’t always get into movement with many options. When you work with this, however, you can take your hula out in a parking lot, at the park, in your backyard, and just about anywhere. Imagine not isolating yourself to just one area like a treadmill, and you will start to see why so many are jumping into this solution. It’s versatile amidst other options, that’s for sure.

A Total Body Work Out

The key to getting fit in any arena is to look into focusing on a total body work out. That’s where you are going to find hula hoops. You don’t have to work with this alone, you can turn it into a makeshift jump rope, you can use an arm, a leg, and much more. There’s a lot of solutions that you can move forward with your hoop, to get a total body work out. Simply put, versatile on so many levels.

Six Pack Abs

Here is one of the benefits that most people don’t think about at first glance, and it’s the six pack abs that you will get as a result. Hooping works great for toning all the sections of your abdominal muscles. Each section, including the external obliques, and internal obliques will get assistance. Simply put, you will have the definition that you desire, in a much easier fashion.

Increase Your Stamina

Stamina is one of the major goals that people have with cardiovascular fitness. Increasing your stamina is definitely a positive thing. It basically means that you will be able to put in more effort into fitness, without getting tired. Ever run a mile and started to dry heave, or burned out before you reach your full potential? Well increasing your stamina is the key to reach your health goals overall.

Targeted Fat Loss

There’s a lot of people that will argue about whether or not you can truly lose weight with a hula hoop, but the results don’t lie. Look at the results that people have received through hula hooping, and you’ll see that targeted fat loss is absolutely one of the major benefits. Studies have indicated this, and people are proving it true left and right. If your main goal is to see fat drop, this is going to pay off dividends.

Stress Relief

Perhaps you aren’t looking at fitness in the traditional sense, but rather are looking for something that is going to relax you. Well, it’s been proven that hula hoops can offer a bit of relaxation. Sure, it’s not a dip in a hot tub, but it can still be a part of a grand relaxation process. The reason being is the meditative state that you can put yourself in when you are making the proper motions.

Increase Your Concentration

There are people that will not be able to pick one of these hoops up and be an expert. They scoff, or grimace at the lack of coordination or concentration that they may lack. But like anything else, with practice, one can master this, and with that comes the increase of concentration for the activity and beyond. Concentration is tough for some people, but with a hoop, you can harness your attention span and really focus on something positive. This is a health benefit that many people will absolutely love. Test it out, and you may find that this leisure activity can turn into an incredible push for your mental health.

As you can see, there are 10 health benefits that come with this amazing fitness option. No matter what fitness level you’re at, you can increase your goals and milestones with just this solution in place. Test it out once, and you’ll find that within a few minutes, you’ll be having fun. It’s hard not to smile, and have fun when you’re in motion. If you get bored, don’t worry, there’s a lot more that you can do besides just cycling through traditional movements. Simply put, you can get a full body work out with one of these in place.


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