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Whether you are travelling to Singapore just to take in the beauty and glamour of the place, to visit friends and relatives, for business or employment reasons, whatever your reasons might be, you need to get a visit visa.

Do not be cheated or fooled by people who promise to get you to Singapore without a permit because Singapore is extremely strict when it comes to visa permit. If you are caught, you risk facing harsh punishment and even deportation. At One Visa, we do everything necessary to ensure that you get a valid visit visa. This includes sharing some vital information on the issue.

Let’s start with the categories of people or visitors who require a visa to enter Singapore legally.

There are two main categories, based on citizenship or country, and they are:

  • Nationals of Assessment Level I Countries: countries under this category includes Georgia, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone,Ukraine,Turkmenistan, Mynmar,Commonwealth of Independent States and people who hold the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) travel permit and Hong Kong Document of Identity.
  • Nationals of Assessment Level II Countries includes Yemen, Iraq,Iran,Lebanon,Mali, Sudan,Afghanistan,Morocco,SaudiArabia,Egypt,Algeria,Somalia,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Tunisia,Jordan and Syria.

To be eligible for Singapore visit visa, you will have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • Your passport must have a validity that extends the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least 6 months.
  • You must have a copy of your completed visa application form (Form 14A).
  • Along with the application form, you must submit a very recent photograph. The photograph should not be more than three months old. Your face and neck must show clearly in the photograph. It should be colored and the background should be white. Headgears or scarves are not allowed unless for religious reasons.
  • You must have a copy of the Letter of Introduction for Visa Application Form (Form V39A) that has been issued by your local contact in Singapore. Your contact in Singapore must be a citizen or a permanent resident and must be at least 21 years of age. If you don’t have a local contact, you can approach your Embassy to issue a Letter of Introduction to support your visa application.
  • In case you provide a Letter of Introduction from your local contact, you must provide a copy of the local contact’s Singapore Identity Card.
  • You must provide proof of having confirmed tickets for your onward or return journey.
  • You must also provide proof of your financial ability to support yourself financially during your stay in Singapore and your return of transportation.
  • You must be in good physical and mental health and must be free of any kind of contagious diseases.
  • You intend to leave Singapore at the end of your authorized stay.

Please note that the application form is one of the most important documents for the Singapore visa application process. The details you provide in the form should be correct and error free. A little error can cause your visa application to be rejected.



Asia’s economic growth over the past decade has surpassed the expectations of Western constituents, which is the reason why an increase in business ventures is more visible than ever. Given this fact, Asia’s socio-economic development remains strong and is one plausible reason why the continent is becoming the top-most destination for travel and leisure, as well business trips.


Travel Tips for Business Purposes

  1. Know whether you’ll need a Visa or not. Depending on your stay, some Asian countries require a Visa upon entry. If not, a Business Travel Card will do. Nonetheless, seeking help from companies likeVisa Express will benefit you when it comes to staying in a country, such as in Singapore.
  2. Discover the off season on the regions that you wish to visit. Off season is the time of the year where there are fewer visitor visa to Singapore which mean that prices are lower. Take advantage of this season and book immediately once you find one. This season will also allow you to enjoy the place without the extra population smothering you.
  3. Book your travel in packages. Packages include everything – from food, accommodation, land and sea trips, car rentals, and other traveling perks. Packages are much cheaper compared to availing services one by one from different providers.
  4. Make sure that what you purchase is all inclusive. This way, you won’t have to deal and pay for extra expenses once you arrive at your destination. All you have to spend at are souvenirs, shopping costs for clothes and other items, and some food that you want to taste.
  5. Make use of online travel websites efficiently. There are a lot of travels packages in different websites, so the best you can do about it is look for a comparison website. Also called showboats, these websites allow you to compare several services providers so you can just pick out which one is just right for your budget.
  6. Sign up for mailing lists on different travel websites. It’s the easiest way to get updates without visiting each website one by one. This is also a very effective way to keep you updated even if you are not planning a trip as of the moment.
  7. Pick a package deal according to your status. There are package deals designated for students, senior citizens, women, and couples. This will make sure that all the activities and perks included in the package is suited for you and the price is something which you can afford.
  8. Consider getting last-minute travel. If you can manage your time efficiently, considering this option won’t cost you big, which is an advantage for you.
  9. Know if there are other ways to travel besides airline flights. Take a bus or a train to get to your destination in a cheaper value. Land travel will also allow you to discover marvelous landscapes and other sights which are often missed in airline flights.
  10. It is also important to set a specific budget range ahead of time. The key is to not go over that amount. Shell out some cash way before your travel date.

Whether you are interested in visiting Singapore, China, Japan, India, Philippines, South Korea and other competitive Asian countries, packing travel tips up your sleeve is a move that will never go wrong.


Luxury Sunrise Phi Phi Island by speedboat – Phuket

Phi Phi Island is the by far most wanted destination in Thailand and there are many tour packages offered by for you to have the maximum fun during your trip. If you really plan of enjoying your trip and having the best Phi Phi island tour the answer is simple; contact us for your Exclusive Phi Phi island tour, we have various Phi Phi island tour packages butwe want you to live the Tour as a special experience, live Phi Phi island not as a touristic destination but as the paradise it truly is ! We want you to come back and dream it for long time after!  This is the main reason why we want you to choose the only Luxury Sunrise speedboat Tour to Phi Phi island :


First of all you will start this Tour from Royal Phuket Marina Luxury Pier in their exclusive Lounge with a really nice breakfast and briefing time so you can also choose your snorkeling gear and fins ! Second this is The only one will make you really feel Phi Phi Island for the Paradise it is …the only one will make you love Maya Bay tranquility, far from hundreds of tourists visiting the very same spot; and after you have enjoyed all the sightseeing points and snorkeling points around Phi Phi Island far away from the mass of other tourists, instead of visiting other busy island you will discover the Paradise with in Bamboo Island, another Private exclusive destination!

Pay and get all exclusive features included in the price and we even come to pick you up everywhere in Phuket island free of charge, one we are back we will also drive you back at your hotel for free !


Seminar room rental for your event

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Chinatown Dessert Place in Singapore

“Er Gu Tang Shui” (also known as Er Gu Dessert) was founded back in 1955 by Er Gu. It started as a roadside store located in Chinatown.

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Budget Training Room Rental

Training room rental at a budget price. Located at International Plaza, our training room is just right above Tanjong Pagar MRT station within the central business district of Singapore.

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