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Macedonian voice over demand increases

Macedonian Language is a language spoken In the Republic of Macedonia. It is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 2 million people.  Couple of different locales are spoken in the Eastern and Western part of the country.


Most of the TV content which airs in Macedonia is subtitled however, recently there have been attempts at dubbing TV shows. This has created a high demand for quality Macedonian voice over artists who are able to deliver accurately and on time. Whether you represent a TV channel, content provider, film distributor, IPTV service or VOD platform, at the end of the day viewers are all in it for the content and content alone. By dubbing your TV series and promos, films and film trailers, documentaries, animations and cartoons in Macedonian, you make a huge step closer to your Macedonian market and viewers. And that is where Macedonian voice over studio comes in – to consult you and assist you with your project and ultimately, to provide you with the best Macedonian voice over and dubbing service for Broadcast entertainment content on the market.

Macedonian voice over studio works with over 30 Macedonian voice over artist ranging from TV personalities and speakers to IMDB indexed actors and actresses. You can browse and select the best voice for your project, or additionally, you can always request custom casting at


Try Not to Laugh CHALLENGE (HELIUM + CATS!!)

featuring my helium balloon

11 Reasons Why You Should Study Chinese

Acquiring Chinese in this day and age promises dramatic results.

The real question is, why shouldn’t you learn Chinese? Yes, people always hate on it for how hard it supposedly is. But the truth is, of all the things you can do with your spare time, learning Mandarin Chinese is one of the absolute best investments you can make. Whether you’re looking for a new academic pursuit, new career skills or a new perspective on life, there are few activities likely to have the same huge payoff. But don’t just take my word for it—read on and discover why you really should be dropping everything and learning Chinese!

With well more than a billion speakers around the world, Chinese language, also known as Mandarin, is the most widely spoken language on earth. As China has grown in power over the past several decades, there has been a big push worldwide for foreigners to study Chinese.

Chinese classes have cropped up in colleges and secondary schools around the world and, each year, thousands of people flock to China to travel, teach and hone their language skills. In case you need any more motivation than that, here are 11 good reasons why you should study Chinese.

1- Boost your brainpower

Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the word definitions can change based on intonation. Much like music, Chinese language requires speakers to engage the right and left sides of their brains, and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers do use both sides of their brains!

2- Travel to exotic places

Mandarin language is spoken in lots of places, from Beijing to Singapore. If you study Chinese, you can travel all over East and Southeast Asia, as well as other parts of the world and communicate with Chinese people.

3- One of the world’s biggest languages

Around one-fifth of the entire world’s population speaks Chinese as a native language! Combine that with the number of non-native speakers that can speak or understand Chinese and you’ve got a whole lot of the world covered.

4- Try amazing food

Chinese cuisine is one of the most beloved and richest food traditions on earth, and studying Chinese will help you uncover amazing dishes. Trying new restaurants and discovering new flavors has always been my favorite thing to do in Shanghai!

5- A warm and welcoming culture

Chinese people are notoriously warm and welcoming, and whether you’re, you will encounter a wonderful culture through Chinese language.

6- Become more artistic

Chinese is written using iconographic characters rather than letters. These characters developed out of cave paintings and pictures and require an incredible amount of artistic skill to be written.

7- Easy to get started

Despite what you might’ve heard, Chinese has a shallow learning curve, meaning that it’s very easy to get started speaking basic Chinese after just a few weeks of learning!

8- Economically important

The sheer numbers of people that speak Chinese make it an economically important language, but combine that with the prowess of Chinese speaking countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and you can see how economically important a language it is.

9- Ancient culture

If you learn to read Chinese, you will be able to delve into one of the world’s most ancient cultures through its strong literary and cultural traditions.

10- Do business

Many companies trade with China Nowadays, so speaking Chinese can be a distinct advantage to doing business in Asia.

11- A new outlook on life

Studies have proven that Chinese speakers think about things differently than others. The Chinese have different concepts of time, space and history that can only be understood through the intricate details of Mandarin language. The grammatical structure, word order and even the choices of phrases and questions all help inform the Chinese outlook on life!

Learning language at you can ultimate your time which focus for progress of your learning aim to achieve your Chinese language test (HSK). We had developed more than 800 video clips by variety of 24 courses. Learn live conference class, learn online or learn with us in Shanghai. No matter what is your purpose of your study, Learn with our 10+ year’s professional experience. The Chinese language is not your barrier anymore.

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expertplace academy – die richtige Adresse in Sachen Fortbildung für Führungs- und Fachkräfte

Die expertplace mit ihrem Standort in Köln bietet für Führungs- und Fachkräfte erstklassige Fortbildungslehrgänge. Die Planung und Umsetzung von Fortbildungsseminaren, Workshops und Projekten geschieht ausnahmslos in Verbindung mit dem Kunden. Teilnehmerorientierte Erarbeitung des übermittelten Lehrstoffes garantiert dabei einen erfolgreichen Abschluss der einzelnen Lehrgänge. expertplace besitzt die Akkreditierung durch die APM Group und ist des Weiteren nach AZAV oder ISO 9001 zertifiziert. Die einzelnen Fortbildungsprojekte werden, wie bereits gesagt, gemeinsam mit den Kunden verwirklicht. expertplace kann auf einen großen Mitarbeiterstamm mit hervorragenden Qualifikationen zurückgreifen. Dazu gehören unter anderem circa 100 Berater, Coaches und Trainer mit hervorragenden Qualifikationen.

ITIL Fortbildung in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, München, Köln

Das Kürzel ITIL hat die Bedeutung IT Infrastructure Library. Der Ausdruck bezieht sich vorwiegend auf die technischen Abteilungen der Firmen und steht für ein bestmögliches IT Management. Das IT-Service-Management lässt sich mit ITIL oder IT Infrastructure Library hervorragend optimieren. Sich ständig verändernde Umstände erfordern sehr viel Flexibilität. Durch das ITIL-Seminar erfahren Sie, auf welche Weise ein solches System perfekt an Veränderungen anpasst werden kann. Nur auf diese Weise gelingt es Ihnen, jederzeit auf dem neuesten technischen Stand zu sein. Die Schulung schließt mit einer ITIL-Zertifizierung ab. Im Rahmen des Lehrgangs wird den Seminarteilnehmern aufgezeigt, wie die innere Struktur an die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen der eigenen Firma bestmöglich angepasst wird. ITIL ist ein Tool, das jeder Führungskraft im Unternehmen hilft, verschiedene IT-Dienste zu verknüpfen und zu managen. Sowohl Produktivität als auch Effizienz können Sie mit den erworbenen Erkenntnissen erhöhen und dadurch gleichzeitig den Umfang des Gesamtaufwands bedeutend verringern.

Was erwartet Sie bei einer ITIL Schulung?

Als Erstes wird den Absolventen der Schulung die Darstellung erprobter und bewährter Abläufe nähergebracht. Praxisgerechte Übungen vertiefen und erweitern im Anschluss an den theoretischen Teil das neu Gelernte. So kann das vermittelte Know-how im Anschluss an die dreitägige Schulung sofort auf die eigene Organisation übertragen werden. Jeder Lehrgang endet mit einem Wissenstest und dem APMG Zertifikat.

ITIL Foundation – Zertifizierung für das IT Service Management

In etlichen Ballungsgebieten und Großstädten Deutschlands wie Köln, Berlin, München oder Stuttgart wird die ITIL Foundation als eine 3-tägige Schulung durchgeführt. dazu zählen u. a. Berlin, Köln, München oder Stuttgart. So bleibt jedem Absolventen der ITIL Foundation eine weite Anreise erspart. Im Rahmen der ITIL Foundation erhalten alle Teilnehmer das benötigte Basiswissen, um aus den erworbenen Aufschlüssen den größtmöglichen Nutzen ziehen zu können. Jeder Seminartag ist einem bestimmten ITIL-Wissensgebiet gewidmet. Jeder Absolvent imstande ist, am Ende der Schulung die ITIL Foundation Prüfung locker zu bestehen. Danach kann er die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse mit nach Hause nehmen und umgehend in seinem Unternehmen umsetzen.

PRINCE2-Lehrgänge in Köln, München, Berlin und anderen Großstädten

PRINCE2 ist ein weiteres Weiterbildungspaket im Programm von expertplace academy. Dieses Seminar ist darauf ausgerichtet, Führungspersonal zu helfen, den Überblick über ihre Projekte zu behalten. Sie sind nach dieser Schulung imstande, ein Vorhaben perfekt zu planen und auszuarbeiten sowie gewisse Befugnisse und Verantwortungen an Ihre Mitarbeiter zu übertragen. Diese erworbene Befähigung bringt die Bezeichnung PRojects IN Controlled Environments gut zum Ausdruck.

Mit PRINCE2 Projekte ausarbeiten und managen

Das Planen, Managen und erfolgreiche Abschließen von IT sowie non-IT Projekten ist mit PRINCE2 beinahe ein Kinderspiel. Indem diese Verfahrenstechnik sehr wandlungs- und anpassungsfähig ist, besteht eine starke Ausrichtung an der Praxis. Ihre bisherigen Erkenntnisse auszubauen und zu erweitern ist das Gebot der Stunde, um nicht von anderen abgehängt zu werden. Mit einer PRINCE2-Schulung erwerben Sie das PRINCE2 Basiswissen, welches Sie dafür ausrüstet, Entscheidungen immer nach dem aktuellsten Wissensstand zu treffen. PRINCE2 Schulungen haben sich in der Vergangenheit bewährt und werden erdenweit inzwischen in rund 40 Ländern angeboten und durchgeführt. Die Methode der Wissensvermittlung gründet sich auf vier zusammenhängende Bausteine. Im Rahmen des Seminars werden in PRINCE2 bezüglich des Projekts sechs Kriterien behandelt, die über die gesamte Projektlaufzeit zu managen sind: Nutzen, Qualität, Risiken, Umfang, Zeit und Kosten. Am bekanntesten sind die Aspekte Kosten, Zeit und Qualität, welche noch um die Facetten Umfang, Risiken und Nutzen komplettiert werden.


Can you get rich playing at casinos?


The answer to this question will vary depending on the individual to whom you are directing this question. For instance, if you were to ask a seasoned online gambler this question, the answer would most probably be a resounding “Yes”. Why, well seeing as the individual in question is a seasoned gambler that in itself tells you that he/she believes in gambling and most probably have been playing online gambling games for quite some time, and have acquired some personal experience and knowledge of how online gambling games can work in one’s favour or perhaps not.

The truth is gambling on the whole whether it be at an online casino, or gambling at a brick and mortar casino, depends a lot on chance and luck. Surely you have experienced one of those days when everything just seemed to be running smoothly, from the moment you got out of bed that morning until you hit the sack at night. The alarm went off on time, so you were early for work the kids were dressed on time, traffic was very light, and stuff like that. Well my dear friend that is what you might call a lucky day when nothing seems as though it can go wrong.

This would be the ideal day to seize the moment and logon to one of those online casinos and start making some money, your luck is in, so how can you lose. A seasoned gambler would have been able to read the signs and go with his gut instincts and perhaps even hit the jackpot at one of those online casinosonline casinos. Now that is what is called having a lucky day, an opportune time to try your skills at those online gambling games. Actually many seasoned gamblers would not logon to an online casino game unless he/she was having a great day like this one.

On the other hand, if you experience a day where everything is going wrong from the moment you open your eyes to the time you rest your head on your pillow, take heed that this is not a good day to contemplate any sort of gambling, be it online or offline. You can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t stand a chance of getting rich at playing any online gambling games. Stay low on days like these and wait for a more favourable day to come your way before considering any type of gambling activity.

And so my dear friends the truth is it is certainly possible for one to get rich and become the next online gambling millionaire but of course he/she would certainly need to have lady luck on his/her side. Hope that next online millionaire will be you, good luck!

Mag box 254 IPTV tutorial

Here are a description how to configure your Mag box 254 and add a portal. If you have any questions or if you want to buy an IPTV subscription for your Mag box, Kodi, Roku, Smart TV you can visit our website are the best IPTV provider for your Mag box 250/254/256

3 Magicians That Show You The Reason Sleight Of Hand Is Great

David Blaine

David Blaine was made famous for his crazy street magic and sleight of hand, and also his ability to perform life threatening feats…

…In one famous moment he stole President Bush’s watch right off of his wrist in front of him, all of his staff, and his security.

One thing that David is big on is using physical touch techniques to draw his audience away from the work behind the illusion.  Click HERE for physical touch techniques.

The thing is, David may be an expert in sleight of hand, but you can also do what he is doing once you understand the art of it all too.

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Criss Angel – Mindfreak

Criss Angel has exploded into the public eye over the last few years because of his advanced forms of sleight of hand that were able to fool audiences on TV in their homes

…Criss Angel is great at all forms of hand tricks and card tricks.  He breaks it down after the initial trick to show you how he did what he did.  This is why you need sleight of hand.

Again you can see that while the trick looked amazing and professional it was really at its core very simple.  Criss Angel understands proper technique and turns a basic trick into a phenomenal work of art.

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 The Amazing Johnathan

Odds are you haven’t heard of this guy.  He is mostly known as a comedian who also engages in high level sleight of hand during his performances.  He is pretty fantastic however.  Tune in at 1:33 to see his style of sleight of hand.

As a joke he openly engages in masterfully done hand tricks with almost no ability to decode his tactics.  He doesn’t pretend to be sly or deceitful.

Magicians And Hand Tricks

What These Magicians Know

  • Controlling their audiences gaze and attention is the key
  • Methods of physical touchrapid movement and verbal ques
  • Confidence and knowledge of how the human mind works
  • BASIC sleight of hand techniques

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A Great Start For New Learners To Advanced Tricksters

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