3 Magicians That Show You The Reason Sleight Of Hand Is Great

David Blaine

David Blaine was made famous for his crazy street magic and sleight of hand, and also his ability to perform life threatening feats…

…In one famous moment he stole President Bush’s watch right off of his wrist in front of him, all of his staff, and his security.

One thing that David is big on is using physical touch techniques to draw his audience away from the work behind the illusion.  Click HERE for physical touch techniques.

The thing is, David may be an expert in sleight of hand, but you can also do what he is doing once you understand the art of it all too.

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Criss Angel – Mindfreak

Criss Angel has exploded into the public eye over the last few years because of his advanced forms of sleight of hand that were able to fool audiences on TV in their homes

…Criss Angel is great at all forms of hand tricks and card tricks.  He breaks it down after the initial trick to show you how he did what he did.  This is why you need sleight of hand.

Again you can see that while the trick looked amazing and professional it was really at its core very simple.  Criss Angel understands proper technique and turns a basic trick into a phenomenal work of art.

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 The Amazing Johnathan

Odds are you haven’t heard of this guy.  He is mostly known as a comedian who also engages in high level sleight of hand during his performances.  He is pretty fantastic however.  Tune in at 1:33 to see his style of sleight of hand.

As a joke he openly engages in masterfully done hand tricks with almost no ability to decode his tactics.  He doesn’t pretend to be sly or deceitful.

Magicians And Hand Tricks

What These Magicians Know

  • Controlling their audiences gaze and attention is the key
  • Methods of physical touchrapid movement and verbal ques
  • Confidence and knowledge of how the human mind works
  • BASIC sleight of hand techniques

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A Great Start For New Learners To Advanced Tricksters

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