Track What You Eat With These 5 Nutrition Apps at

Our world is getting more and more digital. Obviously, the people’s lifestyle and habits should have changed to meet the technology crawling into our minds. Whereas Pokémon Go is supposed to encourage “the millennials” to work out more (sort of), we suggest you have a look at these nutrition apps. With their help, choosing what produce to buy or decoding the back of a snack box will no longer be a problem for you.


Only a true chemist like Walter White will be able to read the ingredient list of an average snack box. Ever since we’re not outstanding scientists, the terms are not what we’re good at. Fortunately, the nice people from Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have created an app to decompose that list of harmful chemicals. Chemical Cuisine makes the consumers aware about all the extra fillers and additives, which their regular meal contains.

For food newbies, Seasonal and Simple is doing a huge job pointing out which produce is in season right now and how to store certain types of food. The app comes in handy when you want to save some extra cash by avoiding food waste. Think about that.

Vinyasa on the go


For those days when you don’t have a lot of time but your body wants to move. Just grab your mat and let’s practice together.

You can find me teaching vinyasa flow at Hot Yoga Uppsala, Sweden. If you have a chance stop by the studio take class and say hello 🙂

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GTA V Online Money Hack No Survey – Added RP Boost Feature

Here is the hack for GTA V Online, It boosts your RP and gives you any level/money. Alot of people are using this now, so if you notice someone on the game with the nicest cars and the highest rank, chances are they are using this tool.


I have used the tool on my account and all my friends’ accounts and we have never been banned, the reason being that our tool can spoof achievements and all things that may trigger rockstars automatic banning system.

We bypass all rockstar’s patching efforts and the tool is still working perfectly after every update they bring out.

  • Here are some of the features:
  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited RP
  • Ban Protection
  • PS3/PS4 Compatable
  • xbox 360/1 Compatable
  • And more

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About the game:

I love gta, I played it on ps3 and then bought it again when it came out, this is the first console hack we have made, and we are incredibly impressed with the results, so if you use the tool please leave us some feedback


Macedonian voice over demand increases

Macedonian Language is a language spoken In the Republic of Macedonia. It is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 2 million people.  Couple of different locales are spoken in the Eastern and Western part of the country.


Most of the TV content which airs in Macedonia is subtitled however, recently there have been attempts at dubbing TV shows. This has created a high demand for quality Macedonian voice over artists who are able to deliver accurately and on time. Whether you represent a TV channel, content provider, film distributor, IPTV service or VOD platform, at the end of the day viewers are all in it for the content and content alone. By dubbing your TV series and promos, films and film trailers, documentaries, animations and cartoons in Macedonian, you make a huge step closer to your Macedonian market and viewers. And that is where Macedonian voice over studio comes in – to consult you and assist you with your project and ultimately, to provide you with the best Macedonian voice over and dubbing service for Broadcast entertainment content on the market.

Macedonian voice over studio works with over 30 Macedonian voice over artist ranging from TV personalities and speakers to IMDB indexed actors and actresses. You can browse and select the best voice for your project, or additionally, you can always request custom casting at

Try Not to Laugh CHALLENGE (HELIUM + CATS!!)

featuring my helium balloon

11 Reasons Why You Should Study Chinese

Acquiring Chinese in this day and age promises dramatic results.

The real question is, why shouldn’t you learn Chinese? Yes, people always hate on it for how hard it supposedly is. But the truth is, of all the things you can do with your spare time, learning Mandarin Chinese is one of the absolute best investments you can make. Whether you’re looking for a new academic pursuit, new career skills or a new perspective on life, there are few activities likely to have the same huge payoff. But don’t just take my word for it—read on and discover why you really should be dropping everything and learning Chinese!

With well more than a billion speakers around the world, Chinese language, also known as Mandarin, is the most widely spoken language on earth. As China has grown in power over the past several decades, there has been a big push worldwide for foreigners to study Chinese.

Chinese classes have cropped up in colleges and secondary schools around the world and, each year, thousands of people flock to China to travel, teach and hone their language skills. In case you need any more motivation than that, here are 11 good reasons why you should study Chinese.

1- Boost your brainpower

Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the word definitions can change based on intonation. Much like music, Chinese language requires speakers to engage the right and left sides of their brains, and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers do use both sides of their brains!

2- Travel to exotic places

Mandarin language is spoken in lots of places, from Beijing to Singapore. If you study Chinese, you can travel all over East and Southeast Asia, as well as other parts of the world and communicate with Chinese people.

3- One of the world’s biggest languages

Around one-fifth of the entire world’s population speaks Chinese as a native language! Combine that with the number of non-native speakers that can speak or understand Chinese and you’ve got a whole lot of the world covered.

4- Try amazing food

Chinese cuisine is one of the most beloved and richest food traditions on earth, and studying Chinese will help you uncover amazing dishes. Trying new restaurants and discovering new flavors has always been my favorite thing to do in Shanghai!

5- A warm and welcoming culture

Chinese people are notoriously warm and welcoming, and whether you’re, you will encounter a wonderful culture through Chinese language.

6- Become more artistic

Chinese is written using iconographic characters rather than letters. These characters developed out of cave paintings and pictures and require an incredible amount of artistic skill to be written.

7- Easy to get started

Despite what you might’ve heard, Chinese has a shallow learning curve, meaning that it’s very easy to get started speaking basic Chinese after just a few weeks of learning!

8- Economically important

The sheer numbers of people that speak Chinese make it an economically important language, but combine that with the prowess of Chinese speaking countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and you can see how economically important a language it is.

9- Ancient culture

If you learn to read Chinese, you will be able to delve into one of the world’s most ancient cultures through its strong literary and cultural traditions.

10- Do business

Many companies trade with China Nowadays, so speaking Chinese can be a distinct advantage to doing business in Asia.

11- A new outlook on life

Studies have proven that Chinese speakers think about things differently than others. The Chinese have different concepts of time, space and history that can only be understood through the intricate details of Mandarin language. The grammatical structure, word order and even the choices of phrases and questions all help inform the Chinese outlook on life!

Learning language at you can ultimate your time which focus for progress of your learning aim to achieve your Chinese language test (HSK). We had developed more than 800 video clips by variety of 24 courses. Learn live conference class, learn online or learn with us in Shanghai. No matter what is your purpose of your study, Learn with our 10+ year’s professional experience. The Chinese language is not your barrier anymore.

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