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Get on the Payroll in a Good Public Sector Job with Spa8!

Getting hands on a secure government job is nothing less than good grace. The security and earnings are quite swanky, helping to continue a comfortable life. Of-course jobs in private sectors are on a hike too. Fat pay-checks and benefits are handed out to lure attention. However, where’s the security? Doing the hard grind and earnings just enough to bring home the bacon may sound comfy but it really isn’t a cakewalk. Stirring up insecurities even more, jobs in private companies can be kissed goodbye to in the blink of an eye. Recessions spring up like mushrooms and can kill your career in one shot. Having hands on a good lucrative government job opportunity in such scenario ensure absolute peace and an assured life.


Have you been ferreting for opportunities to grab hold of jobs under the Public Service Commission in Malaysia? Still confused where to kick-start your search from? Well, learning a little about the Jawatan Kosong Spa can help you beyond doubts. There’s rumors in Malaysia, spreading like wildfire that public sectors in the country are mostly flooded with employees already, leaving zero space for new joined to work it out. Frankly, it’s a myth! Since eyeing upon government job opportunities is quite difficult considering scarce listings of the same, myths like this spring up. Kiss goodbye to the rumors because Spa8 exposes an aiding platform for Malaysians. Colossal details about jobs in public sector are successfully listed, welcoming all and sundry from diverse background to file in their application. Certainly a great news for all aspirants, waiting eagerly to bank upon a respectable government job, isn’t it?

According to the information spilled out by Semakan Spa, extraordinary counts of more than 100,000 job openings has been scribed down in the list. Ofcourse millions of applications are rolled in too. However, to scare up a favorable chance of making it big, make sure you go through the job details with a fine-toothed comb. Read about the requirements, qualifications and abilities desired for the position up for grabs. Only if you think that your abilities check all boxes, wrap up your application. If not, look for opportunities that focus on your skills. The system can be termed as channelizing. It rightly saves time for both employees and aspirants.

Vacancies for numerous positions are up for grabs in Spa8. For instance, jobs of immigration officer, community development assistant, food provider specialist, motorist and a lot more finds a place in the list. To cut it short, Jawatan Kosong Spa highlight vacancies in every wing – from ministries and public service commissions to agencies and government. For fruitful results, make sure you channelize your skills and education right. Keep tabs on the qualifications and requirements need for a job listing and apply accordingly. Use your smarts to bank upon an offer that will safeguard your lifetime earnings. For more details, sign up for Semakan Spa and stay informed. Every update regarding job listings (big or small) will be communicated to you in no time. If you hit success in a particular role, necessary documents will be mailed to you as well. On the contrary, if you are still searching for jobs in the public sector, get schooled about real success tips elucidated in Spa8.

Best Roofing Prices Vancouver 604-761-1518


Most residential houses in Canada are asphalt shingles. Asphalt roof shingles are highly economical for many reasons. They can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and colors thickness and quality. Because they are easily cut with a hook blade or exacto knife. And fastened with nail and hammer, or more common today is to use a roofing coil nailer for quicker coverage. Asphalt roof shingles are compatible with all kinds of roofing and kinds of roofing slopes. Once a roof is down there are usually no problems for years to come. We do not recommend going over a covered roof, it is always better to strip it down the the substrat. Any Vancouver Roofing Contractor can provide all kinds of asphalt roof shingles and related services, including installation, roof repairs Vancouver, and maintenance, for affordable prices. Re-roofing shingle to shingle material and labor

Small house 1500 sqft from: $3750,

Medium house 2000 sqft from: $4900

Large house 2500 sqft from: $6250

Cedar Conversion From:

Small house 1500 sqft from: $4975

Medium house 2000 sqft from: $6850

Large house 2500 sqft from: $8475

New Roof From: $1.80 per sqft

Liability Insurance * Licensed *WCB* GST

10 Year Workmanship Warranty



The Ultimate Guide to shaving with a Kamisori Razor


The kamisori razor, aka Japanese shaver is the ultimate tool for many barbers from around the world. It transforms your shaving experience into light and balanced shave like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The holding technique of a kamisori is very different from a western folding straight razor such as the Dovo Classic

. You can definitely feel the deft lines of the kamisori with the super-fine grind on the edges and grits of the metal. Japanese straight razors have a long history and tradition years riding on its back. Shaving with a kamisori razor is a ultimate experience that allows you to develop a distinct technique.

What to look out for when choosing your kamisori razor?

  • The first thing to consider would be the shaving performance. The quality of a Japanese kamisori razor depends largely on the iron and craftsmanship. With a properly honed good quality razor, you can immediately feel the utmost smoothness of your shave.

  • As previously mentioned, craftsmanship is also a major factor for consideration when purchasing your Japanese straight razor. One of the most reputable brand would be Feather. The company has a long history of crafting amazing blades of the highest quality. Such intricate craftsmanship of their equipment ensures optimum results and performance. The elegance of a Japanese straight razor is like fine wine and requires a lot of appreciation.

  • The brand value of manufacturers is directly correlated to its experience of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are esteemed heavyweights in the market due to the fact that they have such a long history and tradition. The experience of the crafter is also reflected in the price. Bear in mind thou, A top quality brand kamisori such as the Iwasaki can cost up to 300 dollars each. But for the price you are paying, you are ensured the finest of Kamisori you can lay your hands on.

  • Value for moneyLike almost any product in the world. A good product is not cheap, and cheap products are more often than not subpar. You get what you pay for. However, that does not mean you should go about spending all your hard earned cash on the most expensive piece of razor you can afford. The direct co-relation of price and quality only reached to a certain extent before you start to experience a diminishing margin of utility.


  • Does it offer professional shaving?This is an important factor for consideration for picking up a piece of kamisori. Japanese kamisoris are more often professional razors used by professional barbers in shops. This is why the blade is also very sharp, perhaps too sharp for some. It doesn’t always mean the sharper the better. A blade that is of very high sharpness requires more technique and care when handling. A sharper blade also means that you are more prone to cutting yourself. If you are a novice shaver, a good starting place would be the feather SS Japanese razor combines with the pro-guard blades.

  • Ease of use: If you are used to using a western folding razor, you may be required to embark on a new set of learning curve. The shaving techniques of both is distinctly different. But it is not as difficult as operating a forklift. Some level of technique and practice is required from you. This is where a higher quality razor will give you and edge. The best kamisori razors are sharp and yet easy to handle due to its ergonomic handle.


So’s Rise To The Top



With a triumphant dash of 58 amusements in right around a year’s chance, Wesley So is made a beeline for the highest point of the United States Chess Championship. Just 23 years of age,Wesley so is currently ranked the second best chess player in the world. So started in the game when he was instructed by his granddad at 6 years old and got a grant for school chess in 2012. So moved to the US in 2015 and just a year after started his unbelievable winning streak.


In 2016 at the Bilbao competition, Wesley So tied for third contending with the top of the line GM Magnus Carlsen. In August of 2016, Wesley So pushed out a triumph at the Sinquefield Cup with 5.5/9, just a 0.5 point lead against four different players. Just a month later, at the 42nd Chess Olympiad, Wesley So brought the diversions with 7 wins and 3 draws. At the Isle of Man open So needed to settle for third, be that as it may he prevailed upon triumph a portion of similar rivals at the London Chess Classic in December. Obviously, So has been thundering towards an excellent winning streak for bound to happen.

Short But Sweet

On Sunday, So went head to head against Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky. The amusement finished in a draw, however the draw was not come to after a skirmish of minds. This match was just an aggregate of 17 minutes in length. Wesley So used the Berlin resistance, more often than not this powers the rival to assault, however Naroditsky picked not to, prompting the draw. Many trust Naroditsky picked not to assault because of the terrorizing that joins So’s universally known notoriety and expertise. Also, his longstanding winning streak.

The Showdown

On Monday, So went head to head against previous U.S. Champ Alex Onischuk in a last fight for the lead position as by the eleventh round they were tied. Be that as it may, despite everything it enjoyed two more amusements to reprieve the tie. The players enjoyed a reprieve between rounds, So talked with family and appeared to be by and large casual, Onischuk enjoyed his typical private reprieve with his significant other and appeared to be tense. In the last amusement Onischuk was ahead, yet because of the time limitations of quick chess, Onischuk was running short which brought about misguided thinking, bringing on the misfortune. Onishuk come back to competition play is an irregularity, concerning the previous quite a long while most contenders are less than forty years old.

The Future’s Looking Bright

In the current year’s U.S. Chess Championship, Wesley So contended with 11 of the world’s top Grandmasters, at long last winning in a playoff against Alex Onischuk, the 2006 U.S. Champion, extending his triumphant streak. Presently positioned number one broadly and a world rank of two, So is additionally $50,000 wealthier! Subsequent to winning a few all the more difficult worldwide matches, So has now included the title of U.S. Champion to his resume. Next, you will have the capacity to discover So at the 2017 fourth Gashimov Memorial Shamkir beginning April twentieth and completion May first.

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